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At Intercessio, we don’t just resolve disputes – we help our clients craft bespoke, innovative and mutually acceptable solutions to their problems

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Mediation is a flexible and relatively informal form of alternative dispute resolution which allows parties to negotiate, and hopefully agree, an early resolution of their dispute. Through our mediation practice we assist parties by facilitating dialogue between them in the hope they reach a mutually agreeable resolution.

At Intercessio we will always try and facilitate parties’ dispute resolution needs offering mediations both in person and virtually (using video platforms such as zoom and Microsoft Teams) or, where suitable, using a mixture of both.

In-House Training

We have a wealth of experience delivering seminars and training sessions in-person and also remotely using video platforms (such as zoom and Microsoft Teams) and we are able to tailor our training to your needs.

Practice Areas

View a list of practice areas we can offer below but feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Code of Conduct

We operate under the European Code of Conduct

Our Mediators operate under the European Code of Conduct for Mediators (the “Code”). For more information and access to a copy copy of the Code, please click here.