Civil and Commercial Mediators

Intercessio is a small but highly experienced team of legal professionals. We have decades of experience in international dispute resolution, working to achieve the best resolutions available for all our clients.


Our team combines years of legal expertise, sector knowledge and common sense to provide clear, understandable and relatable assistance.


Our team offer truly international experience and combine a wealth of experience in cross border international disputes in a wide arrange of areas.


Our team has a wealth of professional experience assisting clients to resolve their disputes in civil and commercial, as well as domestic and international, fora.

What we Do

Providing mediation services for civil and commercial disputes

Effective communication

Communication is the core of mediation.  Participating in mediation allows parties to communicate efficiently, and candidly, generating mutually agreed outcomes.

Reduced uncertainty

Litigation can be costly and uncertain.  Engaging a mediator can help parties limit the cost of their dispute and generate mutually agreed, and private, outcomes.

Fast resolution & conclusion

Engaging in civil and commercial litigation can be a slow process, often taking years to resolve. Mediation offers the opportunity to achieve resolution in mere days.

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Why Mediation?

Mediation offers a cost-effective, efficient and confidential alternative to litigation on respect of a broad range of disputes. Mediation is completely voluntary, 100% confidential and can be arranged to take place in a neutral environment. The mediator themselves is completely impartial and will work to ensure that all parties have the opportunity to be heard.
Unlike litigation, mediation is not about winners or losers – it is about exploring all options and achieving an outcome which is mutually agreed and acceptable to all concerned.

About Us

Why Intercessio?

Formed in 2021, we are a small but dynamic team with nearly 100 years of combined international litigation, mediation and wider dispute resolution experience. There is very little we will not have come across before.

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